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  1. Im having a problem can anyone help please or has anyone faced it before? The information they have gave me in fiat wallet to insert it for the fund in my bank account in order to transfer the funds is weird NOTE Im from Kuwait it’s located in the middle east and the currency thats only available for fiat wallet is currently EURO, my bank account doesn’t have the country Lithuania that they gave me in the information for the fiat wallet listed what should I do?

  2. They locked my account when I was taking profits a few days ago and haven't unlocked it since, I've been waiting for altcoin season for so long and they bust this shit on me. And all my nfts are gone I connected my wallet on my new phone it shows my transaction history but all my nfts are gone and my xrp I's all fucking gone

  3. Had the card a year it's been life changing I basically only use my bank account to top it up. Took it abroad no problems, so much better than traditional account. I love it so much.

  4. Happy to see others who share my enthusiasm with CDC! – I've been a happy customer of the CDC App for over a year and enjoy passive income with their staking, earn program, rewards, credit/debit card cashback, and much more. I encourage everyone entering the crypto space to get onboard with them. 💯

  5. Investment in crypto currency has become very profitable, and very good options in securing a better financial life that's where i belong and survive from. crypto currency has made a lot of lame individuals like me 'Rich' in the space today all thanks to my tutor MARISSA SAPONARE for giving me a good mentorship

  6. Was wondering how much CRO @ 12% do you need to have staked to be paid 100 or more cro back weekly? Was wondering if I ever decide to upgrade to an icy/rose card one day, could you tell me the calculator formula for this please? I just subscribed also 👍

  7. Been a big fan for a year now, they dropped the earn programs by almost half, which sucks but all exchanges are either lowering or outright cancelling their earn programs, I used a referral code January 31'st 2021 and it gave me $25 of CRO I just unlocked it today, worth $170 now, I'm Bullish on CRO somewhat expecting a drop due to people selling when their stake is up, but I'm long-term Bullish

  8. great time to shill CRO when they just nuked their earn program. youre legit using the rates that are going to be expiring in less than a week. By saying "rates fluctuate" doesn't give you a free pass to gloss over this huge fact. And i understand this is just one segment that you talked about but its pretty much the reason why majority of CDC users end up using this platform. please if someone is reading this, DYOR before and after watching vids like this as sometimes information isn't as transparent as it should be.

  9. Great video Wendy! I'm personally a SUPERBULL on #CRO for awhile now. Im also a fan so when I saw you posted a CRO video I was so happy to know I'm in good company 🙂

  10. Wow!!!💟💟💟💟🌹🌹🌹❣️❣️!!.
    My most favorite crypto O show!! Love you!! Thanks for your informative videos!!

  11. Crypto trading fee's out of this World.. then they fudge buy and sell $…. ie. They offer Rune listed $0.70 more expensive than the price on Coinmarketcap…. Can't make 💸 on trading….. I left them..
    They get a Scam Alert ⚠️
    Score -7

  12. <Great analysis! However from a pay prospective… From what I’ve seen, the people who focus more on trading rather than the ones holding , are usually paid more than the more obscure ones. That I believe is the reason people are concerned. Expert Davis Vert has been doing an excellent job evaluating all charts trades, and signals on BTC and crypto, which has helped grow my portfolio recently.

  13. Me and my friend must be the two biggest knuckleheads because we can't figure anything on this app out . Nothing easier than Coinbase .. we need 7 year old instructions 😂😂😂

  14. Hi all! About to listen to this. Like the app, but do you not find their fees expensive for the Earn programme? I enquired about this and was told there are no fees; however, whenever I (have tried to) make a transaction the price moves significantly. I don’t think it’s merely slippage.

  15. Such a good time to stake CRO to get the debit card BECAUSE….
    You have to stake CRO for 6 months to get the card. Right now the prices are low but guess what is happening in 6 months from now? THE WORLD CUP!!! They will be the sponsors meaning logos in different stadiums and plastered all over the place! The price will almost certainly be higher than is now, so not only will you reap all the amazing benefits of the crypto card but you will likely make a profit!!! Nfa but man.. fortune favours the brave..

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