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  1. Obviously you have never mined it. It’s out rageous to mine btc. Trying to cool
    The miners is constant amd it will
    Triple your electric bill. That’s underestimated. The electric bill. Xrp is NWO so they both loose

  2. Why not use that energy for something more useful to humanity. BTC is Neanderthal tech. Sorry, but thems the facts. And BTC Maxis are the worst at slagging other platforms. Suck it up.

  3. are you serious when you say bitcoin doesn't use that much energy? so the police are lying when they they found mass of energy used by illegal bitcoin mining operations going on? look I get it, you hold bitcoin but don't deny the facts that are infront of you otherwise you would become another deluded youtuber, god bless your channel

  4. btc uses more energy than some countries regardless of where it comes from. proof of stake can be just as decentralized using a fraction of the energy. its not false info

  5. Why would you dedicate green energy to BTC mining when it could go to powering hospitals and shit instead? BTC and POW are dinosaurs and you are all aboard a sinking ship. Delusional.

  6. There's so much ignorant misinformation in this video its just not funny. I hold both Bitcoin and XRP. Larsen is an OG in the space and his opinion matters. He said he's working with Greenpeace on this not Ripple, so maybe leave Ripple out of it and focus your criticism on Greenpeace.

  7. How can we the people even afford Bitcoin???? 🤫 wondering what bitcoin cross border fees are or any transfer & transactions fees are and how long that takes.

  8. If BITCOIN is truly decentralized then a speech from some liberal kook shouldn't worry you as in its decentralized design it is understood that miners have to vote on it. All the speeches in the world can't change that. Btw…robbing clean energy from Peter to pay Paul is not green anymore than coal fired plants powering electric cars. The clean energy could be used for industries that truly have no other options.

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