Bitcoin Hits Highest Price of 2022 (Ethereum Exploding Up 2 Weeks Straight!)

On this video, we are going to focus on the worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the highest altcoins. We’ll check out the cryptocurrency markets and the newest crypto information.

What We Focus on:
four:40 Market Watch
22:15 BTC/ETH charts
30:30 Biden’s $5.8B Funds
36:44 Grayscale vs SEC
45:52 US Greenback E-Money
51:15 NFT Trend Week
1:05:43 LUNA Units new ATH
1:07:15 XRP BTC Msg
1:17:46 Fast Hits/Q&A

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    bens cycle of facial expressions completes the loop and now i am DEADA$$ DEAD GUYS 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  2. If Ben really thinks that this is even QUOTE "POSSIBLE but not PROBABLE" then I have no clue what he has studied in regards of BTC the past years. He is the most obvious drunken crypto person who has fallen drunk into the party luckily long time ago not knowing what he discovered at all, that I have ever seen, he's lieterally just reading headlines but without any clue. Just had luck a while ago which I am defininately jealous of, because I didnt know better. But today I know better and study it for a while and already have a whole lot of clue and knowledge about the whole topic then he ever seems to have.

    Ben!?! Btc will never move away from PoW, who cares for USA declaring anything or EU declaring anything over or against BTC ? How can you ignore the globalization fact of BTC ? Nobody cares what USA says or EU declares. THATS the actual reason why BTC has been invented, so that not a single super-power or regulator can anymore come around the corner and f*** everything up.

    Again, IF you DONT understand this as a whole, then I really have no clue what you have "studied" even in regards as the most "influential crypto expert", it's making me really sad to hear you talk so much BS lately when it comes down to real real educational and important fundamentals that you are really not getting.

    You dont know about LUNA / Terra yet and what they are doing ? You proclaim ETH grows faster than SOL and has more DevOps ? You think ETH can flip BTC ? Dude, what are you doing the whole day but reading headlines and cruising in your 6 figures cars ? I shame for you, really. And these are just quotes from you of even 2 days…

    If you would finish TJ a sentence at least once he would speak more true and right stuff right away than you would ever over 10 shows…. its really embarrassing and infamous ! This is a 70% entertainment 30% clownshow.
    Please go back to bed and keep dreaming of your XRP driven banking system world :'D

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  4. Ben is becoming so hot to me. I love him. However, can you please STOP that annoying “ding” sound during “Around the Blockchain” when people earn a point? It’s the worst! I can’t watch because that stupid sound is SO ANNOYING!

  5. it is funny how crypto markets move. it seems almost like the banks are leading us alone just the way they want. its really too bad that when i got into crypto everyone was saying XRP was a stupid shitcoin and it was centralized and then come to find out, thats ETHEREUM! and when it moves to proof of stake then the banks will have governance and all the tokens. Makes sense, they went from making all there profit on fees to MAKING PROFIT ON ETH GAS. since joe lubin said he has over 25b worth and hes using the ecosystem to get yeild. you know i was watching LEX friedman and thought it was funny when he asked vitalik about the transition and asked about the OLD transaction history, vitalik said its not important for what they are doing but technically someone could save the transaction history. well isnt that just perfect! all the tag lines that people use when talking bad about Ripple or XRP just happened to describe consensus and Eth. so bitcoiners hate XRP cause it does everything bitcoin wanted and ETH is many whale sized lies, but no one seems to care, as long as were going to the moon!

  6. 2 1/2 months ago Trump called crypto a scam and his man Jay CLAYTON in the SEC sued Ripple , Biden and his executive Order is pro digital assets and GARY wings seemed to have been clip! I guess the fact that Biden and the Democrats with a dozen or more REPUBLICANS passed a 1 TRILLION DOLLAR Infrastructure BILL is nothing BIT BOY??????

  7. The last four years of Trump nothing was passed! The United States fell behind on Crypto in the world nothing was done to regulate and help Crypto Currency

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