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  1. yeah, why is there no wallet tab? why do you make it so difficult to buy sell and trade? why don't I have the option to use my bank account? why are people even using your services when it is so obvious that you make money making something extremely harder and more dificult than it should be in hopes that people just quit or give up and you collect some how, I'm sure there is a clause somewhere for that. i sold and have no clue where it went to, i emailed coin market and all i got was there standard email about how they dont deal with the buy sell trade bs. i just want to get my remaing coins and leave to never return to coin market. You cant find anywhere that tells you how to sell, and then in order to sell i have to yet get another wallet and buy another coin that i dont want and pay a high percentage rate just to get back what was already mine.. ive searched for three days and have a couple different wallets now and still nothing. what a joke! i'll stick with Forex and Webull, at least they dont hide anything and the answers are right there and if not you get someone who gives you a straight answer. Screw you CoinMarket cap…

  2. great video,

    I trying to find out how to add coin to specific watchlist (without leaving page). For example if I have Decentraland (mana) and want to add it to gaming portfolio, how do you do that?

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