Cryptocurrency Tier List

Cryptocurrency tier record. Crypto tier record for the most effective and worst crypto cash and what crypto cash you can purchase going into the subsequent yr. What crypto tech and privateness tech is the most effective within the Cryptocurrency area shifting ahead. Privateness x cryptocurrency tier record with Cody Hawk. Will crypto crash or will crypto bull run.

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  1. Solana an S?? It’s been hacked like three times in the last year. Heavy VC control in the project. Overall I’m bullish on it, but I would hardly call it S tier at this point. At best, cautiously optimistic.

  2. A big fan of your channel, but seriously judging xrp cause of no price movement is amateur talk… judge it based on its utility in instant money transfers, 0 fees, capability 1500 txns per second, etc.. just cause the price hasn't moved, you placed it in D… lmao..

  3. You forgot Litecoin, it's the silver to bitcoins gold. Litecoin will likely overtake dodge coin & ETH as bitcoin rises. Plus smaller market cap equals amazing price potential, I predict $100,000 a litecoin by 2038 minimum!

  4. shocking … solona at the top when the networks failed twice in 2 months and bitcoin 3rd cmon man what is crap list and avalanche at 3rd do have any idea ? avalanche is tripple chain that maybe the most solid project with real speed unlike solana … do your Research better next time

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