Integrate CoinGecko Live Cryptocurrency Prices with Microsoft Excel | Excel Crypto

On this video you’ll be taught how one can combine reside cryptocurrency costs with Microsoft Excel from The technics and abilities will permit you combine any web site information in your any function. After watching this video, it is possible for you to to do following:

1) Robotically fetch reside costs from Coingecko
2) The right way to Determine the crypto cash?
three) The right way to apply conditional formatting?
four) The right way to use vlookup method?
5) The right way to run internet question?
6) The right way to convert textual content values in to quantity values?

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  1. Thank You for you video! Can you make a video how to import all (about 13 000) cryptocurrency from Coingecko? Only 300 cryptocurrency be able to import…

  2. I can see you are very smart and a spreadsheet guru and you teach as if your viewers are also gurus. You go extremely too fast for me. Please make another video which is twice as long so normal users can follow.
    When I finished none of the data was usable because it was all text. This is a very important step. I will watch again to see how you converted the text to numbers.

  3. Be careful, trading isn't for the week heated.i started great and look at me almost lost it all until I meet chris Romero I'm gonna tell a detailed storey of my folly๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Two times I paused hearing some talking in the background wondering if it was coming from my house. Haha! Nope. It's your house. :-)) No problem.

    Thanks for the useful video!!

  5. so… this does the upload for 100 coins .. what if you wanted more than that? Thank you for showing how to do this! Why not post the excel spreadsheet on the page and save us the work?

  6. Thank you very much. Good presentation. Last question. How is possible to get number 100 to number 500 rankings of Coingecko in the Excel sheet, please?

  7. Great video! Very useful, but how do you convert text to numbers. After the VLOOKUP function, the price and market cap are still text formats?

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