At this time I run down the record of the highest 100 crypto initiatives on CMC and clarify which of them are my favourite. Moreover Bitcoin, there are such a lot of nice altcoins.

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zero:00 Intro
2:00 US Markets Up
2:15 Russian Warns $300 Oil
three:15 Firms Droop Enterprise
three:55 Bargains
four:30 My Favs in High 100
four:45 Bitcoin
5:45 Ethereum
7:48 Binance
9:10 XRP
9:20 Terra
10:17 Cardano
11:00 Solana
12:08 Avalanche
13:16 Polkadot
14:32 Dogecoin
16:00 Polygon
16:50 Cronos
17:34 Cosmos
19:40 Close to Protocol
20:29 Uniswap
21:58 Chainlink
22:25 FTX
23:05 Algorand
23:40 Decentraland
24:49 Stellar, Hedera
25:46 Privateness Cash
27:50 Fantom
28:50 VeChain
29:50 Klaytn
30:20 Theta
30:50 Elron, Tezos
31:35 Axie Infinity
32:00 Helium
32:50 Waves
33:50 Movement
35:00 IOTA
35:45 AAVE
36:25 PancakeSwap
36:44 The Graph
37:10 GALA
37:32 Concord
38:08 KuCoin Token
39:50 Stacks
40:15 Quant
40:30 ThorChain
40:48 Nexo
41:47 Celo
42:00 Enjin
41:28 Chilliz
43:09 Arweave
43:50 Kusama
44:10 Kadena
45:22 Amp
45:51 Anchor Protocol
46:50 BAT
47:20 Curve
49:00 Celcius
49:35 Ankr
50:00 Q&A

🔴Full Disclaimer: This video and its contents are for informational functions solely and don’t represent a proposal to promote or commerce, a solicitation to purchase, or advice for any safety, cryptocurrency, or associated product, nor does it represent a proposal to supply funding recommendation or different associated companies by CryptosRUs. CryptosRus might have a monetary funding with the cryptocurrencies mentioned on this video. In getting ready this video, no particular person monetary or funding wants of the viewer have been taken into consideration neither is any monetary or funding recommendation being supplied. Any views expressed on this video have been ready based mostly upon the knowledge accessible on the time such views have been written. Modified or extra data may trigger such views to alter.

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  2. This video is what I waiting for, thx George. Unable to buy all of these coin due to limited cash in hand. Had been dca from 60k till now. Will defi project sustain in long run? Good luck to me.

  3. So im trying to stake some tokens on metamask that i just bought, but i can't figure out how to connect to any pool or where to import these words:castle sudden awful street mention census mother aware rally video unfair cinnamon

  4. Dogelon that shitty project is actually not a MEME TOKEN IS A MISSION TOKEN so much utility behind this project you should do more research & update on how you feel after you learn the foundation of ELON thanks for publicity 😉

  5. How much does a" tonne of Ada"(being staked) weigh?
    Shib may be evolving as a project,but it's so centralised, I've forgotten precise numbers, something like half Shib held by half dozen holders,Doge too, something like20%of Doge held by 1person!! maybe Musk.The Shib whales are in the UAE,who incidentally,once their immense sovereign wealth decides to pour into Crypto,which to me's inevitable.I watch you, you're, I suppose a kinda Crypto news broadcaster,BUT, with bias,which an objective reporter shouldn't.
    Montero has a bright future,they don't care bout regulation, that's the point, obv' huge use case,drug Barron's,terrorists,etc..not only illicit users,but people that value/have reason to keep their transactions private.
    I like you👍,but you need to be careful&decide how you mkt yourself,as you've clear bias,&quite substantial holes in your Crypto knowledge.👍

  6. George, enough with that XRP video. The reason its seen "No where else" is because it states Nothing of significance.

  7. What good is FTT in the US when it can not be traded? For a US exchange that makes me think it is worthless on all fronts here in the states if it is not accessible to us

  8. I agree, mate. NEAR Protocol currently follows a similar path to Solana. But it will surpass Solana IMO. Because it was built in the spirit of decentralization from the very beginning, and it is working to become more decentralized day by day. So it seems to NEAR as one of the most prominent actors of Web3.

  9. Good show George, appreciate your work, still new to crypto and will continue to watch and continue to hodl.. grew up playing with Lego and love the Lego room 😍

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