The bitcoin price number to watch following the crypto’s recent surge

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Yahoo Finance’s David Hollerith joins the Stay present to debate bitcoin above $47,000 regardless of wild value swings.
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  5. Last July-August fake-out frustrated me when we got above the 200-day and then pulled back just as quick. We've now moved to greed and it feels like the same situation to me.. but I already said I wouldn't be deterministic this year – Trade a small percentage of your portfolio, I trade with Bobby Lucas, his skills set is exceptional, I have made over 9btc when I started at 2btc in few weeks.

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  9. I think Bitcoin shouldn't fall now. The market is starting to recover and the price will rise. I am following this on Bitfinex and will sell with a strong price increase.

  10. I’ve lost so much training on my own. What’s the best way to make a profitable investment in crypto for a short term?

  11. How can I profit from crypto investment, As crypto has become dominant over some years back and still doing well presently despite it's ups and downs?

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