The ULTIMATE Cryptocurrency Exchange Programming Tutorial for Blockchain – PT 1

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* Node.js:
* Ganache:
* Truffle:
* Metamask:

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  1. Hi @Dapp – If one would like to make an NFT marketplace would this work in the same way where the client-slide talks to the blockchain. Instead of using your own token, you use ex Loopring which also provides the infrastructure for minting and trading the NFTs. Like If I want to build a VERY basic prototype would this tutorial be able to incorporate the functionalities needed?

    I am a total program-beginner so this is all just hypothetical and asking out of curiousity.

  2. Amazing content ! I have had a question that how can an exchange benefit by launching its own token ? What are the Pros and Cons ? Is it really needed ? Thank you so much

  3. I just got scammed by Dapp University. Do not buy anything from him. I gave him $1112.00 and got nothing. He told me it was lost in the eth transaction. I gave him the blockchain transaction history and he said he did not get it. Then he went silent for 3 days just to tell me. I was able to find the transaction on the block chain and he still did nothing. I paid and got nothing in return. Scammer.

  4. Hi, I want to create an Exchange system for my Crypto money which is around USD$1 for 0.000000001 (My crypto). Can this be done when I've join your bootcamp?

  5. I am getting an error on sudo truffle migrate –reset

    ReferenceError: Eth is not defined
    at module.exports (/var/www/Baseapp/migrations/2_deploy_contracts.js:9:25)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
    Truffle v5.1.14 (core: 5.1.14)
    Node v10.19.0

    anyone can help?

  6. I came across an obstacle. I'm sure others have experienced the same thing I experienced on the onset.
    Try this:
    Quick Overview

    npx create-react-app my-app (Replace my-app with eth-sway)

    cd my-app

    npm start

  7. Greetings God bless. Very good tutorial, I need to know how to implement this in the mainnet of smart chain binances for real use, or in another network such as Expanse, could you do a tutorial on the mainnet for these two cases please?

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