Rating the highest 15 cryptocurrencies. Might offend in case you are a bagholder of any considered one of these. Not investing recommendation.

Do not harm me John McAfee.






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  1. Hey guys if you check out “ Pi Network “ and want to give it a shot use my referral code “ Z3ro0 “ no risk involved give it a shot!!!

  2. Dude That BCH part was Amazing, Tipping you BAT for that. – ALSO everyone use BRAVE browser and Tip this man in Basic Attention Token! 1 BAT now .25 cents …

  3. Love your station. Quality content.. you know you stuff and your macro level conversation is needed in this space. However, on Iota I think their use cases are huge and would give it a B+. Iota has a large HQ in Chicago – went to one of their meetings – alot of energy around them here and they do roll out use cases regularly on other sites than Wiki

  4. Loved the video and I agree with most of your ratings, but putting Monero at a D is harsh! I mean it could be argued that it has better use cases than Dash for sure.
    But I totally understand that these sort of videos are nothing super serious, it was very entertaining at least.

    And your point about BNB is a very good one, it's probably the most used altcoin right now and therefore very deserving of it's price.
    For this reason I really like exchange coins, they have easy understandable value when the demand is there.

    I'm not trying to shill here, it's only that I'd be interested in hearing your opinion about Qash. (Also an exchange token, although currently a shitty one)
    I started using the Liquid exchange a while back and liked it. Their company has over 300+ employees, not that employees mean much in itself, but they are a very serious company.
    Qash is the native token of Liquid, like BNB and Binance. Right now Qash is really in the gutter, which is why it intrigued me a little bit.

    Liquid seems to have a lot of things in store for the future, many features/projects that are being worked on. But most importantly the volume is already there, it's not really close to Binance but they do have a higher bitcoin/fiat volume than all other exchanges including the likes of Coinbase etc. (You can see this at openmarketcap as an example, their btc volume is right behind Binance. This volume comes from pretty much only Japanese users though.) Right now they don't have fees enabled for their japanese users, which is why the Qash demand is low, there is no reason for japanese traders to get the fee rebate that Qash offers if they don't have fees. But if it gets to a point where they have developed their exchange more with more features available and they do decide to enable fees for their Japanese users, the volume and demand for Qash would increase by tenfold.

    I mean I could go on and on, I don't own any Qash yet but it's still something that's interesting to me. Would love it if you took a look at their upcoming projects and so on and say what you think, even if you end up hating it I would love to hear that too. Sorry about the long comment, I was bored hehe.

  5. I'm glad Phil shouted you out, cause your videos are genuinely very well produced and you have the energy to keep me invested!

    Would be amazing if you, Phil & Marco do more stuff in the future

  6. Hey dude, you should be a guest in my livestream. I am from Red Deer and run, a website to promote adoption. It would be great to interview you. I know lots of people in Vancouver in the Bitcoin world that you should also know. Nice job in the Philip Solo vid. I hope it goes high on /r/videos, I just posted it.

  7. You need to look at iota and monero more

    Iota will allow machine to machine transactions to happen quickly and without a fee, and recently had an advancement towards removing the coordinator.

    Monero is about more than just having anonymous transactions for buying drugs. It’s about believing that the government and anyone else shouldn’t be able to monitor how you spend your money, and distancing the government from the functioning currency

  8. i'll never forget going to a blockchain conference in Feb 2017 and seeing Proof-of- whatever concepts and thinking what the fuck are these people talking about. Nowadays they don't even try to tie it back to bitcoin with a "proof". I'd argue what you said about XRP applies to stellar, tron, eos, cardano, iota, and bnb. They should be securities, but only bnb would survive in that scenario unless the others changed significantly. If there is no proof of work, there is no real world marginal cost, so there can be no decentralization. These coins are susceptible is singular devastating events.

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