Websites That Track the Cryptocurrency Ranking

Websites That Track the Cryptocurrency Ranking

Ethereum maintains its second place in the cryptocurrency ranking. Ripple had a third position until it was accused of security concerns and nosedived in both market value and rank after the allegations were made public. Other coins constantly battle for a spot in the top ten and depend heavily on the price action and market sentiment. Other cryptocurrencies in the top ten include Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), Monero, Polkado, and Cardano.


If you’re looking for information on the cryptocurrency market, you can check out the CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency ranking. The site tracks the trading activities of thousands of markets, but doesn’t sell cryptocurrencies directly. If you want to buy cryptocurrency, it’s best to check out the markets section of the cryptocurrency you’re interested in. For example, Bitcoin has a markets section. CoinMarketCap reports data in UTC time, so all the data is updated as of the current day. The site has 340 million views each month, which means that a coin may not have the same value as it does if it’s on the market.

Generally, most ranking platforms track coins based on their market capitalization. But CoinMarketCap has a unique feature that allows you to rank coins based on their price, 24-hour and seven-day price changes, as well as their circulating supply. That means that you can determine which coins are worth the most by checking the market cap of different cryptocurrencies. However, you should be aware of the fact that the ranking is subject to investor sentiment.


The TradingView cryptocurrency ranking tool lets you track more than 200 different cryptocurrencies and their prices. It sorts these assets according to their market capitalization. There is also a switch to change from USD to BTC to get the latest prices of bitcoin. On the Performance tab, you can see important metrics, such as volatility and performance. There are also technical indicators, such as Oscillators and Trend-Following, that can help you understand how a particular crypto asset is performing.


One website that tracks the activity of developers working on cryptocurrencies is the CryptoMiso ranking. This ranking is based on the commit history of the most popular Github repository. The site is limited to cryptocurrency projects but is interesting nonetheless. There are several things to consider before you make an investment decision. For starters, many developers aren’t very active on social media. However, these issues may make it difficult for you to make an informed decision about which cryptocurrency to invest in.

One of the reasons why a crypto project should be ranked by its activity is that it will be more trustworthy and less likely to be a scam. For this reason, an active community of developers will make it more appealing to investors. That’s why CryptoMiso ranks blockchain projects based on their GitHub activity. Initially, it listed 600 projects but later narrowed down to just 243 cryptocurrencies. This means that you’ll need to take this information with a grain of salt.

Live Coin Watch

Cointracker is a popular cryptocurrency ranking watch for Android and iOS. It ranks cryptocurrencies according to several metrics, including their algorithm, developer activity, community, and market capitalization. Users can also find out what’s trending in the crypto world with the use of social feeds. Users can also follow specific coins to narrow down their rankings. The app can be used on iOS, Android, or web platforms. It also supports over 100,000 users.

It is possible to get more than 200 coins through Coinmarketcap, which sorts crypto assets according to market capitalization. To see the prices in BTC, simply switch the currency setting to BTC. You can also view key metrics by clicking on the Performance tab. It will analyze volatility and performance of the selected crypto asset. Additionally, there are technical indicators you can view, including Oscillators and Trend-Following. Live cryptocurrency ranking watch


The cryptocurrency ranking site BitInfoCharts has some shortcomings. Its main focus is to display crypto data points, but the overall design of the website is unattractive. Besides, there are better websites that accomplish the same job. Moreover, its user interface is difficult to read. In addition, its price graphs are not always updated, so they are often outdated. To solve this problem, the website offers a calculator and explorer, as well as crypto rich lists.

Besides the graphical representation of data, the site also gives an easy-to-read breakdown of various aspects of cryptocurrency. For instance, the cryptocurrency price index gives you an overview of the total supply of a given coin. Furthermore, it shows the percentage of its coin’s supply that’s issued. This is particularly useful for people who want to know more about how much a coin is worth. However, if you’re a beginner, BitInfoCharts is not for you.


CoinGecko is a comprehensive cryptocurrency ranking website. It provides information on the top cyptocurrency by market capitalization, as well as metrics on blockchains, social metrics, and developer activity. Users can filter coins by price, hashing algorithm, platform, and other criteria. You can also find out how each coin is performing based on recent news, and other information. You can find out which coins are the most popular and which ones are in decline, and whether they are worth investing in.

CoinGecko also offers information on the futures markets, including information about the development team behind each coin. It also ranks each exchange based on volume, number of coins, and trading pairs. It also lists general news about cryptocurrencies, including information on developers and ICOs. Unlike CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko provides more information about cryptocurrency than other sources, including social media and news. This website is free to use, and it can be a great resource for those who want to get started with crypto trading.

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